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CWC has been asked to provide SMEs with significant business experience in multiple fields. This interview process has been designed to strengthen the existing team prior to the successful deployment into the new engagement with key strategic clients. 


1. Candidate Selection 

Pre-screening and screening of potential consultant candidates for new engagement. 


2. First round Interviews via Microsoft Teams or equivalent

Successful candidate consultants who have passed the desktop review will progress to the next round where a videoconference interview via Microsoft Teams will take place. Successful candidates will meet one partner and one director and will participate in a competency based interview and for screening.


3. Second round interviews via Microsoft Teams or equivalent

Shortlisted candidates who have passed the first round and selection process now progress to meet client partners and client directors to discuss the role and expected accountabilities for the new engagement on client site.


4. Candidate consultants interviews conclude

All candidates receive communication on outcomes successful or unsuccessful, where possible feedback will be available with communications. Further face-to-face meetings will take place prior to successful consultants been deployed onto client site.

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