We have put together a list of frequently asked questions however you can ask us anything and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer or solution, please contact us.

First Engagement with CWC

What sectors/industries do you support?

- We work in most financial and regulatory industries.

Where are you based?

- We are a client focused, bespoke consultancy firm.  The main offices for CWC are in Kent where the back-office team are located. We also have offices in Amersham and Waterloo. Consultants (when not working from their own offices) may find it necessary to work at our client sites which are predominately in London, but may be across the UK depending on the project, or aspect of the project, you are working on.

What hours are you available by phone or email?

-  Our office hours are 9am-5pm however we can always be reached by email. Please email one of our team or admin@cwc.co.uk if you need any support.

Do you help with Training and Development?

- CWC's policy is that we do not provide training or development to our consultants, as we engage with consultants who have the specialist skills required to assist with providing solutions to CWC’s clients.  You are responsible for your own training and development requirements, together with associated costs.

Are there any set up costs my company will incur when engaging with CWC?

- No, there are no set up costs that we bill your company for, however we expect you to have your own equipment, laptop, etc.


Where can I find more information about your policies as a company?

- For more information please refer to the documents posted from time to time on the consultant portal, to which you can access via your CWC email address.


IR35 Rules

What do I need to know?

We cannot advise you on IR35 rules and would recoment that you obtain your own legal and tax advice. However, e are available to discuss the subject generally, in relation to our position as end-client, the processes around employment status determinations and what it means to be self-employed. Please contact compliance@cwc.co.uk.

Conduct with CWC’s Client

What is the dress code at CWC’s client’s site?

- CWC’s clients operate different dress code policies so please familiarise yourself with the specifics ahead of attending the clients' site.

The Consultant Handbook or Client Relationship Manager will be able to advise you. Please do remember that when you are working at a CWC clients' site you are there as a representative of CWC so should maintain a smart and professional demeanour.

How will I find CWC’s client’s policies and procedures?

- You will be expected to undertake all elements of the client’s mandatory procedure and conduct training that CWC’s client deems essential to enable you to understand the client, their key policies and expectations, in the best interests of the project. Most clients have will have an internal intranet containing all their policy and procedure documents.

Email Account

I’m having a problem with my email account, who do I speak to?

- Please contact the team at admin@cwc.co.uk for assistance.

What should I do if I forget my password?

- Please contact the team at admin@cwc.co.uk for assistance, who can re-set your password.

Can I use my CWC email address on CWC’s client’s network?

- Your CWC email address is accessible on most of CWC’s client’s networks however we ask that you please familiarise yourself with the client's security/document classification policy and under no circumstance should the client’s confidential documents be saved onto personal devices or e-mailed to a third-party e-mail address.

When my contract ends, what happens to my email account?

- When you finish an engagement with the client, your CWC email account will be suspended shortly after. If you engage on another project with us, your account will be re-activated and usually your past mails will be archived, although we cannot guarantee this. Please be advised that it may be against the client’s policies to forward any client emails to your personal account and this would also be in breach of your company’s contract with us.

Team Queries

Who are the Senior Management Team members (SMT)?

- The contact details of the SMT for your project will be provided to you prior to the project start date, via CWC email.

Who do I speak to if I have an issue with another consultant?

- You should speak to your (SMT) contact or speak to the team at admin@cwc.co.uk.

Who do I speak to if I’m worried about my team’s performance?

- We suggest that you speak to your SMT member contact or speak to the team at admin@cwc.co.uk.


When and how do I submit my invoice?

- We request that you submit your invoices by the last working day of the calendar month to which they relate, to invoices@cwc.co.uk

For more information concerning the submission of invoices please refer to your CWC consultant handbook or contact the team at invoices@cwc.co.uk.

Why do I have to submit an invoice?

- We are unable to make a payment without an invoice which means we cannot pay your company for your work until we receive your invoice. For more information on our invoicing guidelines please see your quick start up guide, consultant handbook or speak to the team at invoices@cwc.co.uk .

Do I have to submit a separate invoice for my expenses?

- Yes. Expenses are invoiced to CWC’s clients separately from fees and CWC requires consultants’ fees and expenses to be submitted for payment on separate invoices. For more information look at your handbook, quick start up guide or speak to the team at invoices@cwc.co.uk .

How long does it take for my invoice to be paid?

- As detailed in your consultancy agreement, invoices will be paid 34 days after either the date of receipt of your consultancy company’s invoice, or the last day of the month to which the consultancy company’s invoice relates to, whichever is the later, provided always the consultancy company has acted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Why do I need to complete timesheets?

- Timesheets are mandatory and they are predominantly used to confirm the number of days the consultant has worked on a client project during the engagement. The supplier invoice is validated against timesheet portal before it is released for payment and the data from timesheet portal is used for internal reporting purposes.

Non-Availability due to Sickness or Other Work

Who do I tell if I become unavailable during the contract period?

- Client placements are normally for a specified period to achieve a clear client objective. CWC would expect a consultant to advise of any dates they are unavailable ahead of the engagement start date so the resource profile can be carefully planned to meet the client’s objective. Therefore, it is not generally expected that CWC consultants will begin a placement and then become unavailable.

Your consultancy company has the ability, under the consultant agreement, to place an alternative suitable representative.  In any event, whether your unavailability is planned or unexpected, please advise the SMT or Client Relationship Manager (if you do not know who this is please speak to the back office team or email admin@cwc.co.uk) as early as you know of any days you will be unavailable, including the date when you expect to be available again.



Is there a number I can call if I have any other questions?

- Our office number is 0203 283 0750. Alternatively, you should email admin@cwc.co.uk .

I have a suggestion, who do I send it to?

- We welcome all suggestions or comments, so please send these to admin@cwc.co.uk .



I have decided to go in a different direction after my engagement ends with CWC, is there anything I should be aware of when doing so?

- It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the specific points in your consultancy agreement regarding any alternative engagements and you should keep CWC informed, insofar as it impacts on the delivery of the project. As you run your own business, we appreciate that you will want to engage with others.

Who do I talk to if I have any questions about my contract?

- Your consultancy agreement is generated in accordance with our Statement of Work with CWC’s client. If you have any queries with this contract please speak to the person issuing the contract, or email compliance@cwc.co.uk

Who do I speak to at the end of my consultancy agreement?

- We suggest speaking to the CWC administration team, your SMT contact or email the team at admin@cwc.co.uk.

What happens when my consultancy agreement has ended?

- At the end of the consultancy agreement, both parties are free to go their own ways, or negotiate for a new engagement, as circumstances and availability dictates.  We suggest speaking to the CWC Client Programme Manager, the SMT contact or email the team at admin@cwc.co.uk .

What happens if you or the client decides to terminate our contract?

- This will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the CWC Managing Partner responsible for Sales.


Future Opportunities

Who should I speak to if I’m interested in another project with CWC?

- We recommend speaking to the Client Relationship Manager or speak to the team at admin@cwc.co.uk who can point you to the right person.  If you are interested, you should provide an up to date CV and details of your availability dates.

I want to talk to someone about my rate, who do I speak to?

- We recommend speaking to the Client Relationship Manager or speak to the team at admin@cwc.co.uk. All queries of this type will be processed by one of the SMT.


Don’t see your Question here?

Don’t see your question here?

- You can ask us anything and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer or solution, please contact us.