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Absences - General Guide

Paid holidays are a benefit of being an employee and CWC’s annual leave entitlement is set at 28 days including 8 bank holidays (pro rata across the year). As your employer we have a responsibility to ensure you take your annual leave and it is right that you take a break from work to relax and restore yourself.

Holiday Year

Our Holiday Year runs from January to December. You are required to take your annual entitlement in the same year in which it accrues and we cannot transfer any annual leave entitlement between Holiday Years (save where permitted by statute).

If you do not take all your holiday entitlement within the Holiday Year in which is arises, you will lose those untaken days.

If you have a fixed term contract (which is a contract with a specified end date), then your contract might cross over more than one Holiday Year. In this situation, your annual leave entitlement will be calculated according to the contract period in which falls in each relevant Holiday Year and we cannot transfer annual leave entitlement between the Holiday Years.

If you have not taken all your leave entitlement by the end of the fixed term contract, and we do not renew your contract, you will receive any outstanding leave entitlement with your final pay. If we renew your contract, any outstanding leave will fall into the new contract (subject to it being in the same Holiday Year and any agreement made to the contrary).

Managing Leave

As responsible employers, we endeavour to ensure our employees take their holiday each Holiday Year. There may also be business reasons for requiring you to take holiday, such as our client Statements of Work having holiday built in or a maximum number of working days.

As your employer, we can serve notice on you to take specified holiday dates, provided our notice is twice as long as the period we require you to take.

Client Approval

You will be expected to speak with your client line manager to obtain their approval of the annual leave dates you wish to take. This is to ensure the delivery of our services are not compromised by you taking leave and is also to ensure they are aware of your annual leave.

If you are unsure as to who to ask, please contact us at

Matched Holidays

Our client Statements of Work (SOW) are for a fixed period of time. Some have a maximum number of working days within that period, which allow for you to take the holiday you accrue in this period. Often you will have a fixed term contract to match the dates in the SOW. This arrangement means that you will be required to take your holiday during the SOW period, even if the SOW / your contract is extended.

Client Furlough

Some clients require consultants to cease work during certain periods of the year. Commonly at Christmas, but sometimes during the summer months (Client Furlough).

You will be required to take part of your annual leave entitlement during any Client Furlough that falls within the term of your contract.

Planned Absences

As an employee you must inform us in advance of your planned absences and have them approved. This does not need to be done for Bank Holidays, where you are expected to take the day as part of your Bank Holiday entitlement.​

We manage an absence planner within Timesheet Portal and the annual leave booking process is set out in our Annual Leave – Timesheet Portal Guide, which you will find on the Consultant Portal.

Please note, any arrangements you make are at your risk until we have confirmed approval and please also refer to our Holidays Policy.

Unplanned Absences

It is also important for us to be aware of, and track, unplanned absences, at the time and not is retrospect:

· All unplanned absences should be notified to both your client line manager and CWC’s back office at at the start of the day of your absence, with your best estimate of a return to work date.

· If your unplanned absence continues beyond your stated return date, you must email us again with your best estimate of your revised return date, repeating this process until you actually return to work.

· You must notify CWC’s back office at immediately on your return to work.

· Depending on the nature of your absence, you may be required to provide additional information or undertake additional steps.

Please also refer to our Sickness Absence Policy and any additional instructions.

Cancelled Absences

We are not obliged to agree any changes to your approved annual leave dates if, say, you change your mind or your personal plans change. Whilst we would try to accommodate changes, it might be that we cannot due to adjustments on the client Statement of Work or the work patterns of others. You should seek our prior written approval if you wish to cancel your approved leave. Failure to obtain our approval could result in you having to take the date/s approved as part of your annual leave.

Adjusting Working Hours

There may be times when you are asked by our client to work at the weekend, or you want to take a few hours out of the day and make up the time outside office hours.

If the adjustment has come at the clients’ request, we will require this to be in writing and we may need to obtain additional confirmation from the clients’ procurement department (or equivalent contact), to ensure that thustment is agreed and we can still charge for your time.

You should not unilaterally adjust your hours to avoid taking time off as holiday, unless with the prior written approval of both CWC and our client. Any agreement to ‘make up’ time is not standard procedure and should not be seen as setting a precedent. This does not apply to short absences of around an hour, which can be easily adjusted into your working day.​

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