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New Process for Booking Annual Leave

Annual Leave is now managed within Timesheet Portal, alongside submission of timesheets.

The CWC full-time annual leave allowance is 28 days including bank holidays and runs from January to December. If you join part-way through the year or your contract is a fixed-term, your annual leave entitlement will be adjusted on the pro-rata basis of 2.33 days per month.

The annual leave booking process is as follows:

  1. Submit a booking from the Leave Module in Timesheet Portal

  2. CWC will receive notification of this request and will contact you for your client approval

  3. CWC will approve annual leave once internal checks are complete

  4. Enter time off as 0 days in your Timesheets for that week

Please note:

  • Leave dates will not be automatically populated in your weekly timesheets so you will still need to add in zero days for any days not worked

  • Once a leave request has been approved, we reserve the right to enforce that the leave is taken. Booked days can not be reversed within the system

  • The CWC policy for using annual leave is on a “use it or lose it” basis and leave cannot be carried at the end of the year

  • If an annual leave balance is negative, the leave will be categorised as unpaid at the point in which it is taken

  • Some clients may require you to cease work during certain periods of the year, known as Client Furlough. Any period of Client Furlough will be added to your leave booking by CWC and the required days off will be taken from your annual leave allowance. As with all annual leave, if your remaining annual leave doesn’t allow for this then the period will be taken unpaid

Steps for Booking Leave:

View your “Leave Dashboard” by clicking on Leave > Leave Bookings from the righthand side menu when you login. Here you will see your entitlement total, leave taken, pending and approved. Adjustments will have been made if your contract is a fixed-term basis or if clients have directed an amount of annual leave to be taken during the contract.

1. To submit a request, click on “Submit a booking” as highlighted:

2. On the next screen, chose the type of leave from the dropdown box highlighted. The default should be ‘paid annual leave’ but it will be adjusted to unpaid if you exceed your allowance for the period:

3. Click on the start and end dates to be taken as leave and change to a half day using the drop down menu if needed. Add a description in ‘Notes’ box if you wish (i.e. Annual Leave)

4. Click ‘Create booking’ to submit this request.

CWC will then receive an email from Timesheet Portal outlining your request and one of the team will be in contact with you to ask you to provide us with your client approval. Once we have this and have authorised the leave internally too, we will then approve the leave and it will show in your Dashboard.

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