• Jessica MacNally

Best in class: regulatory-driven global transformation programme


Our client, a top tier bank, was undergoing a regulatory-driven global transformation programme. The focus of the programme was to ensure compliance with the new requirements around bail-in, ring-fencing and capital restructuring which in turn led to large-scale system changes and major restructuring to ring-fence support staff within separate legal entities. CWC was initially engaged to have design authority responsibility. The remit was then expanded to encompass group-level communications, governance, reporting and testing.


Our approach was to implement best in class programme management disciplines and to identify and resolve key problem areas. These included significant issues with the testing environment and major internal communication challenges – onerous NDA structures were preventing engagement with affected employees.


Our deliverables included:

  • Comprehensive project plans, reporting disciplines and tools

  • Development of a testing framework and policy, and oversight of the build of an enhanced testing capability

  • Addressing NDA and confidentiality issues to enable effective employee engagement


As the programme came to a close, the CWC consultants had successfully implemented new compliance policies and controls including the in-scope new requirements around bail-in, ring-fencing and capital restructuring. This led to the effective implementation of:

  • Bail-in and capital restructuring

  • Large-scale system changes

  • Major restructuring to ring-fence support staff within separate legal entities

  • Regulatory and business sign-off of both systems and legal entities changes

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