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  • Jessica MacNally

CWC Celebrate international Women’s day 2023!

CWC celebrates and advocates women in business and leadership. As an organisation at the forefront supporting some of the largest organisations in the world we want to take international women’s day as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our female colleagues, both professionally and personally.

At the core of CWC’s ethos, is the growth and development of our staff at all levels from a diverse of backgrounds.

As an organisation we are proud of the fact that women make up over 80% of our Senior Mgmt Team, and that we operate with a majority of women in our business support and back office areas. CWC attests is success to its core values and operating model focussing on creating a workplace founded on diversity and inclusion.

CWC support all of our staff equally. We take the individual needs of our employees and consultants seriously, supporting wherever we can however we can with measurable benefit. An example of this can be seen in the long tenure and development of our core staff, from graduate to senior level. In many instances we have supported our staff though professional and personal challenges. From additional training and learning, to return to work after starting or raising a family, flexible working to accommodate children and those with family members with complex needs, time off to deal with personal matters, relocation, we support our team on an individual basis and in return benefit from the personal wellbeing and the loyalty that our teams give us.

We believe that diversity and inclusion should be considered the normal, right thing to do as a responsible employer and for sound business practice. This approach is something highly valued by our leadership team, led by founding partner Lisa Whiffen (who specialises in organisational behaviour and change), which in turn is seen to be embraced throughout the organisation. Research shows enhanced business returns and retention rates can be seen from a diverse working environment, so why wouldn’t we want to attract and retain the best talent in our business by creating a comfortable and effective working environment, which people want to work for as they are valued and supported to reach their full potential? We see the value in our people, whatever personal circumstances, home commitments or challenges they may face. Through open channels of communication, a diverse team with a variety of different lived experience and a fully flexible workforce we ascertain our success to these principles.

Our clients are large, global organisations so it is important that our staff are diverse and respect differences in others and likewise, we offer the same in return to our team. We want to create teams with differing perspectives on the projects they are working on, to truly understand and deliver what the client wants and needs, and develop the right relationship with our clients. This, for us, means we continually look at how to place and support a diverse team at the start and throughout their journey with CWC.

Diversity is about acknowledging and valuing the individual person, with their own personal abilities, skills and circumstances. It looks to the contributions of everyone and respecting that these vary and therefore that each person’s needs are different and may have to be met in different ways. The strong, powerful women at the heart of our organisation promote those values, share those values and represent the very best examples of the benefits of inclusivity and diversity.

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